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Enhance your 𝓟𝓸𝓻𝓼𝓬𝓱𝓮 European Delivery experience by combining it with a luxurious road trip.

Updated: Nov 21

Planning a European Delivery of your next Porsche?

For most continental European automobile manufacturers including BMW and Mercedes; European delivery programs are a thing of the past. Dealerships from mostly North America would attract consumers who will combine the purchase of a European-made automobile with a trip to Europe.

But one company withstands all the transport chain issues and dwindling demand for travel after the Covid pandemic: Porsche!

Ultimatelye a glass of Champagne and a fancy new key holder is not enough to celebrate the arrival of a family member. Especially when your new family member is from Stuttgart in Germany. Zuffenhausen to be exact.

If you consider Porsche European delivery ask your local Porsche dealer for their program. The German car manufacturer might even sweeten the deal with a discount as a direct result of the excluded manufacturer-to-dealer incentives of this program. At the bare minimum you will receive a fascinating factory tour.

blue porsche gt3 completely unveiled at showroom during european delivery

But the best about the Porsche European Delivery Program: you are travelling to take the road trip of your lifetime. And that in your freshly produced Porsche car. Just before it is shipped to your home.

And don’t worry about annoying wharf charges, ocean shipping, insurance, customs duty and clearance. All that will be taken care of by Porsche. They have been offering European delivery programs for a long time and created a unique win-win proposition with enough savings to fund a nice holiday in Europe.

porsche gt3 parked at lake tegernsee in bavaria

Planning your European driving trip.

While pick up in either Stuttgart or Leipzig is Germany is a must, you can choose from a variety of destinations across Europe to drop your Porsche car after your road trip. This way you can make your road trip even a Pan-European driving experience. Imagine travelling all the way from your pick up point in Germany through the Alps, via Lake Como in Italy and maybe even as far as the French Riviera.

A collision and third-party insurance for 9-16 days is always included and can be extended for a little premium to up to 90 days, which is enough time to explore the old continent.

porsche gt3 parked on roadside at Bavarian Lake

The Porsche European Car Delivery Programs at a glance:



Pick Up




To make it short: Porsche reraley offers discounts on the cars. BUT:

Porsche Cars North America in partnership with Delta Air Lines offers a special flight discount (up to 25%) for all European Delivery Overseas customers.

Zuffenhausen near Stuttgart, Germany for the Boxster and 911.

⚠️ Porsche books the Steigenberger Graf Zepplin Hotel (NOT GREAT!) Stay max. 2 nights.

Leipzig, Germany for the Macan, Panamera and Cayenne


Bremerhaven, Duisburg, Hamburg, Sindelfingen (near Stuttgart), Munich

Nice, France

Paris, France

Koper, Slovenia

Madrid, Spain

Geneva, Switzerland

Always included with European Delivery :

✅ Track the buidling process of your car though the Porsche Digital App

✅ Personal handover of your new car at the Porsche factory

✅ Guided Factory Tour (only owners have access)

✅ Lunch on Porsche overlooking the museum

✅ One night at a hotel in Stuttgart, Germany

✅ Collision and third-party insurance

✅ Wharf charges, ocean shipping, marine insurance, customs duty+clearance

porsche gt3 parked on top of gerlos alpine road in the austrian alps

Speciale Note for European Deliveries between November and March :

European laws require all vehicles to be equipped with tires designed to handle the winter with ice and snow. All vehicles to be delivered between November and March must be ordered with factory-installed winter sets. All-season tires are legal, but not good enough for the coldest winter conditions.

Porsche European Delivery Tour

Don't miss out on our Porsche European Delivery tours if you're considering collecting your new Porsche in Europe. EPIKDRIVES tours offer the ultimate driving adventure, meticulously planned with pre-booked accommodations and a carefully crafted itinerary that showcases Europe's most breathtaking and thrilling driving roads. Our routes begin at either Leipzig or Stuttgart, where you pick up your car, and conclude at designated drop-off points designated by Porsche.

These drives not only take you on exceptional roads but also guide you to picturesque stopping points and cultural landmarks, providing a fully immersive and enriching experience. From refreshing coffee breaks to leisurely lunches, every aspect of your journey is thoughtfully organized to ensure an unforgettable adventure.

Rest assured, you'll stay in luxurious accommodations with secure parking facilities for your Porsche when it's time to recharge. Our tours offer a meticulously planned and expertly executed experience from start to finish, paying attention to every detail. Combine the joy of your new Porsche with a European driving adventure and create cherished memories that will endure a lifetime.

✅ Find the best Porsche European Delivery Tour from Germany


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