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convoy of fast driving supercars on scenic road


The letter "K" in EPIKDRIVES represents the thousand routes explored to design the most scenic driving holidays in Europe.

Since 2018​​ EPIKDRIVES is a renowned provider of multi-day supercar driving tour holidays in Europe, offering an immersive and thrilling experience for car enthusiasts and world travellers done with ocean cruises and resort holidays. These tours allow you to drive some of the most breathtaking scenic routes across the Alps and beyond, providing an unforgettable adventure.​


Stephan, the founder of EPIKDRIVES, had a successful 15+ year career in the luxury car rental and hospitality industry before creating the company. His passion for luxury travel and enthusiasm for the finer things in life influenced his career path. While working for a major luxury car rental company in Central Europe for six years, Stephan frequently heard the same question from clients: "Where are the best roads to drive?"


After spending six years at a prominent luxury car rental company in Central Europe, Stephan decided to join a newly established tour operator specializing in supercar driving tours in the region. He took on the role of travel advisor
at UltimateDrives, where his passion for creating driving tours flourished. Stephan quickly developed his own approach to developing tours, thanks to a steep learning curve.


Four years after joining the tour operator for supercar driving tours, Stephan felt ready to start his own venture and founded EPIKDRIVES. He believed that healthy competition is necessary and welcomed the challenge.



Two years after founding EPIKDRIVES, the pandemic hit the travel industry, and for a year, most of the company's resources were devoted to developing new ideas.



EPIKDRIVES not only catered to a wide range of individual travelers but also had the honor of arranging the Ambassador Tours for the esteemed Dutch car manufacturer, Donkervoort.



Meet Stephan, the owner at the start of each driving holiday.


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