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convoy of fast driving supercars on scenic road



Welcome to EPIKDRIVES — where the "K" signifies a journey across a thousand routes in Europe, crafting the most epic driving holidays.




Since 2018, EPIKDRIVES has earned its reputation as a premier provider of multi-day supercar driving tour holidays in Europe. For those seeking an immersive and exhilarating experience, our tours redefine luxury travel for car enthusiasts and global adventurers, offering a refreshing alternative to ocean cruises and resort holidays. Navigate the most breathtaking scenic routes across the Alps and beyond, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

THA Travel 2024 Award Plaque: Private Tour Company of the Year


2023: A Pinnacle Moment

In 2023, EPIKDRIVES marked a pinnacle in its six-year history—a testament to resilience and an unwavering commitment to excellence. This transformative year showcased the company's dedication, leaving an indelible mark as we set our sights on a promising 2024. Anticipate thrilling trips and the satisfaction of our delighted customers as we continue to redefine the luxury travel experience.

2021-2022: Ambassador Tours with Donkervoort

During this period, EPIKDRIVES expanded its horizons by not only catering to individual travelers but also orchestrating Ambassador Tours for the esteemed Dutch car manufacturer, Donkervoort. This recognition underscored the quality and distinction that define EPIKDRIVES, setting the stage for further innovations in the world of supercar driving tours.

2020: Navigating Challenges

Two years after its founding, EPIKDRIVES faced the unprecedented challenges brought on by the global pandemic in 2020. Undeterred, the company redirected most resources towards innovation, dedicating a year to developing fresh ideas that would redefine the future of travel.

2018: The Birth of EPIKDRIVES

In 2018, the vision of EPIKDRIVES became a reality when founder Stephan, with over 15 years of success in the luxury car rental and hospitality industry, ventured into his own entrepreneurial journey. EPIKDRIVES was born—a testament to his belief in healthy competition and a dedication to elevating the supercar driving tour experience.

2014: A Turning Point

In 2014, after six years with a prominent luxury car rental company in Central Europe, Stephan embraced a new challenge. Joining UltimateDrives, a budding tour operator specializing in supercar driving tours, he took on the role of a travel advisor. This marked a turning point where his passion for creating driving tours flourished, and he swiftly developed a unique approach, riding the wave of a steep learning curve.

A Journey Begins

Founder Stephan's story began in the heart of the luxury car rental and hospitality industry, accumulating over 15 years of success. His passion for luxury travel and a penchant for the finer things in life paved the way for EPIKDRIVES. During his tenure at a leading luxury car rental company in Central Europe, Stephan frequently fielded a question from clients: "Where are the best roads to drive?"

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