✅ Programmed GPS for effortless navigation

Printed Day-by-Day Road-Book in English 

✅ Hotel Accommodation including breakfast

Private Arrival Transfer from local airport

✅ Meet & Greet at your hotel

✅ On Call / WhatsApp Support on tour​

✅ Travel your own pace and visit iconic sights

Car Model Guarantee with insurance

✅ Delivery & Collection at your hotel

✅ All tour mileage and a little extra on tour


  • How to book? Contact us with your preferred travel date and car.

  • Secure your booking with a non-refundable deposit of only EUR 499 per person. Balance required latest 60 days prior arrival. We accept all major credit cards — payments are taken through a secure online invoicing platform.

  • On roundtrips: store big luggage at your hotel.


  • All EU/US/AUS and other driving licenses in Roman Alphabet are accepted.

  • Cars can be driven in automatic or manual mode



  • Airfare

  • Local Hotel or City Taxes

  • Fuel, Parking

  • Admission Fees for Attractions

  • Lunches & Dinner (with few exceptions)

How much luggage can I store in a supercar ?


The luggage space in supercars is in general very limited.


An exception for example is the Porsche 911 with room for two carry on size bags plus some extra space on the back-seat.


Most of our tours are organised as round-trips and you can store bigger luggage at your hotel for when you return from the drive. 


We recommend taking the maximum of two carry on size bags per car.

When is the best time to travel Europe in a supercar ?


In general the driving holiday season in Europe stretches from March to November. Most high alpine driving tours are typically only available mid of June till October. With one exception: the spectacular Grossglockner High Alpine Road on our Austrian Alps Driving Holiday opening already mid of May. Here is what we recommend: 


MARCH / APRIL — Multi-Country Alpine — South of France — Tuscany — Slovenia & Croatia — Scotland — Black Forest — Lake Como & Swiss Alps  — Bavaria

MAY — Multi-Country Alpine — South of France — Tuscany — Slovenia & Croatia — Scotland — Black Forest — Lake Como & Swiss Alps — Bavaria — Bavaria & Austrian Alps 


JUNE / JULY / AUGUST / SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER — Multi-Country Alpine — South of France — Tuscany — Slovenia & Croatia — Scotland — Black Forest — Lake Como & Swiss Alps — Bavaria— Bavaria & Austrian Alps — Swiss Alps & Spa — 8 Swiss Alpine Passes

NOVEMBER — Multi-Country Alpine — South of France — Tuscany — Slovenia & Croatia — Scotland — Black Forest — Lake Como & Swiss Alps — Bavaria — Bavaria & Austrian Alps 

DECEMBER — Bavaria

All Mediterranean Tours, like South of France, Tuscany and Croatia are available the entire season from March to November. But be aware that it can get busy in those regions during the high season (June-August). Another reason we do not recommend this periods for the Mediterranean tours is the hot weather - you might don't enjoy a convertible.

Finally, as a general point, for all our tours, roads will always be quieter Monday to Thursday, whenever possible we recommend to travel mid-week. For example: fly in on a Tuesday, drive Wed till Friday, depart on a Saturday.

What is included in the car insurance ?


A fully comprehensive car insurance is always included, means damages to your car or a third party. The first part of any claim will be taken from your deductible/deposit (amount varies per car) then the rest of the claim will be settled by the insurance company – see detailed booking terms / conditions for more information.

What is the cancellation policy ?


If you are obliged to cancel you may, with reasonable notice, transfer your booking to a third party who satisfies the conditions required taking that trip.


Of course wherever possible we will try to move dates for you at no extra charge. Any cancellation must be communicated in writing.


The periods before departure within which written cancellation is received and the cancellation charges, shown as a percentage of the total holiday price, which will be applied are:

  • payments marked as non-refundable can't be reimbursed

all other amounts: 

up to 90 days prior to arrival — fully refunded.

less 90 days prior to arrival — 50% of booking total charged.

less 60 days or less prior to arrival — 100% of booking total charged.

  • Refund excl. 3.5% credit card fees


Different policies for groups or tailored tours may apply, we will make you aware in our quote.

How much driving do I get ?

The typical driving day with EPIKdrives covers between 250-350 KM / 155 – 215 Miles over the best European driving roads. That doubles the minimalistic 150 KM / 95 Miles per day normally included in a standard supercar rental. All tours are designed to keep you behind the wheel for 4-5 hours per day (excluding stops). Visiting the attractions along the route is of course fully optional. You set you own pace and timing! 


For the full tour experience usually you would leave your hotel at 9:00/10:00 and finish around 17:00/18:00.

How will I navigate the route ?


All our tours are self-driven tours. Pre-tour only the tour description found online is shared. All hotel information will be provided in a quote you receive when enquiring for a tour.


The full itinerary with all details will be pre-programmed onto the GPS and accompanied by a printed version of the itinerary (road-book).

  • Day 1 is to settle down and to meet your personal tour expert. Directly at the doorstep of your hotel - you will receive a first-hand insight about your driving tour and be handed over your chosen luxury car – no hassle, no stress.​

  • Day 2 start following the programmed GPS unit that holds the route. All you need to do is press the "GO" button in the morning and enjoy effortless navigation along your route

What are the license requirements to hire a supercar ?


A valid driver's license for all named drivers with driving experience of minimum 2 years. Only driving licenses printed in non-Roman alphabet (i.e. Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, etc.) must be accompanied by an international driver's license.

What information is required to book this driving tour ?


After booking and you deposit payment, we will get in touch again about 6 weeks prior to arrival to collect the necessary information, such as:


  • copy of driving license

  • copy of passport

  • home address details

  • mobile number

  • credit card details for the car deposit

  • arrival flight details


Please be aware that we may share your information with our suppliers, such as hotels and car rental companies. With your booking you do agree to our privacy policy.

Are any meals included on the standard driving tours?


We always include breakfast at all hotels.


Other meals, such as snacks, lunches and dinners need to be paid individually. Along the routes we make suggestions where to eat.

Some hotels may include half-board, for example on the Isle of Skye on our Scotland Driving Tour.

Do solo travellers get a discount ?


All our tours are priced for two people sharing a car and a room along the route. If you do the tour by yourself, the logistics and general costs remain the same apart from breakfast charges. To compensate for this we offer complimentary departure transfer to the nearest airport will be offered.

Do I have to leave a deposit to hire a supercar ? 


All cars will require a car excess / deductible guarantee - or as we call it a "security deposit" at the time of starting the rental. The excess amount of this deposit will vary by car. Deposit are taken as a “reservations / authorizations” on your credit card.


It is mandatory that the name on the credit card is identical to the main renter of the car.


We understand that security deposits are major concern to our clients and can turn people off doing our tours - here is what is important to understand about those deposits:


  • In general deposits reflect the maximum liability. Supercars cost way above € 100k to buy and in the worse case scenario it would cost only a fraction of that amount.

  • Some credit card holders enjoy full coverage for any damages arising on car rental they paid for with the exact same card. Please check with your card issuer.


  • Should there be any damage lower than the held deposit only the amount to cover those costs would be taken from your card. For example, with a € 3500 deposit and a damage of only € 150, only that € 150 would be taken and the rest be released.


  • The amount blocked on your credit card is released immediately after the car comes back in fine condition and with a full tank. Because of processing on the card issuer side in practice it often takes a couple of days until the balance is again available on your card.


  • In the exceptional situation where there are any damages, the amount will be released after these damages are assessed, and where applicable, any repair costs deducted.


  • Insurance doesn't cover: damages caused by careless use of the car or drunk driving.


We work closely with car suppliers and are often a major client to them. They have an interest to keep us and our clients happy. We also know our own reputation is on the line, so we're reasonable and fair.  

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