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The breathtaking alpine road in the Swiss Alps goes up to 2363 metres and connects the town of Susch in the lower Engadine valley with Davos, the highest altitude town in Europe. Since the opening of the Vereina railway tunnel that also serves a car train in 1999, the pass only remains open between May and October. 


In 2015, Avis - one of the biggest car rental firms in the world, gave the Flüela Pass in the Swiss Alps an award and announced it to be number four of the 25 top driving roads in the world. 

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The winding curves of the Flüela are nestled inside a quiet valley which is thanks to the alternative route via the Vereina railway tunnel usually not very busy with traffic. The twists and turns will take you over a plateau where the road opens up and you will soon get the strong feeling of wanting going back again to drive it again.

Nevertheless, we recommend once you've reached the peak to allow a few minutes to take in the visuals of Lake Davorsee and its surrounding area with beautiful mountain panoramas. Should you not have any specific needs for your break, carry on a little further than the Hospice to enjoy an even better view over the pass.


Spear tips found on the Flüela Pass proof that it was already in use during the Bronze age. During the 13th century the region and the pass gained importance as a trading route. Goods produced in the Engadine region were transported by mules as far as Tyrol to trade the mainly for salt. The road as we know it today was built in 1867 to enable stagecoaches to make the passage. When the Vereina railway tunnel with the ability to transport also cars was opened in 1999 the Flüela was almost shut down forever. But here it is still serving mainly tourism and driving enthusiasts.

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