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The Furka Pass between Gletsch and Andermatt in the Swiss Alps has a long history since the 14th century. But the real fame for the alpine pass on 2341 meters / 7680 ft above sea level came only in 1964 when Sean Connery chased over the Furka in his Aston Martin DB5 as James Bond. No wonder scenes of the 007 Goldfinger movie were shot here, the Furka is one of the most impressive Alpine crossings in Switzerland, if not the world. Of course today most of the pass is paved and only a few stretches of cobblestone remind us what it was like to cross the Alps hundred years ago.

The Furka Pass is narrow in some areas and climbs the mountainside in a dramatic way. Here and there a line of concrete and wooden poles protect you from driving off the cliff. After driving the Susten- and Grimsel Pass before you will feel confident enough to drive down the slightly more challenging Furka Pass. Behind every corner waits another spectacular view and suddenly we now understand why the Furka Pass among all the beautiful Swiss alpine passes was chosen to shoot scenes of the 1964 Goldfinger movie. Try the Furka Pass and feel like James Bond on our

Driving down the pass you will spot some of the points that Goldfinger's Rolls Royce and James Bond in his Aston Martin DB5 drive by during the movie scene on the Furka. The most iconic is the Furka Hospiz building next to the entrance to the Rhone Glacier. No way you can miss that spot.

Coming in via the Grimsel Pass watch out for a boulder with the inscription "Kil 47"on the right-hand side of the Furka Pass. On exact the same location stands also James Bond in the movie when Tilly is trying to shoot Goldfinger and the bullets nearly hits him from the back. Looking down you will notice a small parking space next to a river on the road-side. The Rolls Royce was parked here when Oddjob and Goldfinger bought apples from the kids.

Driving further down you will approach the picturesque village of Realp, once you leave the village take a look back and you see the view you have in the movie. What comes next will look very familiar, not only to Bond fans. The road behind Realp with railroad tracks on the right-hand side. This is where Bond ‘ditched’ Tilly Masterson by shredding the tires of her Mustang pretending he doesn't know how this could have happened.

Usually open from late May till early November and closed during the winter month. Once weather and avalanche conditions allow the Furka Pass will be opened. Constantly updated opening status information on the Furka Pass is available online.​​​

Besides the unique mountain panorama and the road itself, the Furka Pass entertains its visitors with a walkable ice grot. Every year in spring its re-drilled into the Rhone Glacier. Park at Hotel Belvedere and walk the 100 metres long tunnel to see fine shades of blue appearing in magical glows. We recommend to come here already in June, by end of October the tunnel could be a lot shorter because of the melting ice during the summer.

The Susten-Grimsel-Furka Alpine Pass Route is collectively referred to as the "BIG 3" and make together a hundred-twenty kilometre of ultra-scenic driving in the Swiss Alps.

Susten Pass - 46 kilometres / 30 miles - 2260 meter / 7414 ft altitude 

Grimsel Pass - 38 kilometres / 24 miles - 2164 meters / 7099 ft altitude 

Furka Pass - 40 kilometres / 25 miles - 2341 meters / 7680 ft altitude 

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