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Chauffeured Limousine Service, Car Rental & Executive Protection | WEF DAVOS January 2020 ❄

Updated: Jan 9

Since 1971 - every January the annual World Economic Forum or in short: “WEF” is taking place at Europe's highest town in the Swiss Alps. For a couple of days, Davos on 1560 meters above sea level turns literally into a fortress to protect VIP’s from all over the world from any form of disruption or threat – be it the normal protester or even a potential terrorist attack.

During 21-24 January 2020 the 49th World Economic Forum will take place at the Davos Conference Center. The town will again be flooded with military, police and private security firms to ensure the safety of the world’s elite. Roads are closed or turned into one way streets. Registration offices are opened and temporary structures are erected. All to welcome and protect decision makers, CEO’s, influencers and diplomats from all over the world.

Davos Congress Center during the World Economic Forum in Davos every January

Purpose of the WEF meeting

During the annual gathering the urgent problems of the planet are discussed. A wonderful opportunity to have face-to-face talks and get to the ground of our world’s problems – approximately 2200 members of the forum meet at the event here every year. The purpose of the event in the Swiss Alps has always been to make the world a better place, the official statement is a bit more complex and reads as follow:

"committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas".

Getting to Davos - during the World Economic Forum

Most participants arrive to Davos via Zurich Airport and shuttle up by coach or train. VIP’s often enjoy the privilege of a private chauffeured transfer to Davos. Private jets often have to elude to the small Altenrhein Airport near the town of St. Gallen with the benefit of cutting the travel time to Davos to a minimum. The approximate driving times to Davos:

1:45 h - Altenrhein Airport to Davos

1:45 h - Saint Moritz / Samedan Airport to Davos (with 20 min on car train)

2:30 h - Zurich Airport to Davos

3:00 h - Basel Airport to Davos

3:45 h - Munich Airport to Davos

3:45 h - Milan Malpensa Airport to Davos

4:00 h - Stuttgart Airport to Davos

5:30 h - Frankfurt to Davos

7:00 h - Geneva Airport to Davos (via Zurich)

Helicopter transfers

Helicopters are another way to reach Davos. We can assist with helicopter transfers to Davos from Zurich, Dübendorf, Altenrhein or Basel. Rates vary depending on helicopter type, capacity and start location. All helicopters in the fleet are twin engine, two pilots.

In some cases helicopters are denied clearance due to bad weather or other high profile arrivals blocking the airspace. When booking a helicopter we highly recommend to have a car on standby in case the flight is cancelled at the last minute.

Car Rental - during the World Economic Forum

During the event Davos is broken up into different zones – each one with different security levels. To reach the main hotels, like Hotel Seehof or the InterContinental a special security badge is required. Participants that require a door-to-door service will need to obtained those badges. To reduce the environmental footprint of the event, cars must fulfil certain standards.

Also in 2020 all cars entering the security zones have to comply with the "Greener Davos Concept" and meet certain emission standards:

· Car (1-7 seats): CO2 maximum emission rate 204g CO2/km

· Van (minimum 8 seats): CO2 maximum emission rate 258g CO2/km

When making your car arrangements please be aware that most car rental companies outside of Switzerland charge for winter equipment and legally only need to provide all season tires – not good enough for the winter conditions in the Swiss Alps with temperatures that often fall below minus twenty degrees Celsius. The result are dozens of luxury SUV’s on German, French and Italian plates that need to be trucked back home or drive around with ugly damages during the event.

Under a EU custom regulation from May 2016 customers with a EU residence are no longer allowed to cross the boarder into the EU with a Swiss registered car. Therefore if you are a EU resident and rented a car in Switzerland it is your responsibility to not cross the border. Any fines or similar costs arising will be the responsibility of the person in possession of the car.

SUV's before WEF registration office in Davos

Chauffeured Limousine Service

In partnership with a local limousine partner we offer the following:

  • All vehicles with all wheel drive and winter tires to handle the winter conditions

  • Vehicles that meet the Greener Davos standards.

  • Complimentary greeter service at Zurich Airport to welcome guests on arrival and escort them to the limousine and driver.

  • Limousine transfers from all major destinations to Davos.

  • Standby (as-directed) services with professional chauffeurs

  • Chauffeur accommodation nearby Davos for your convenience

  • Premium models equipped with the most current amenities.

  • Local drivers, fluent in German and English.

For example standby as-directed service throughout the WEF event:

Mercedes E-Class 4matic

6x Base Rate of CHF 1350 (8 hours per day)

5x Chauffeur Accommodation near Davos of CHF 340

1x WEF registration fee for car and driver of CHF 350

CHF 10'150.- — 6 days incl. 8 hours service per day

+ potential extra hours of CHF 155

Mercedes S-Class 4matic

6x Base Rate of CHF 1800 (8 hours per day)

5x Chauffeur Accommodation near Davos of CHF 340

1x WEF registration fee for car and driver of CHF 350

CHF 12'850 — 6 days incl. 8 hours service per day

+ potential extra hours of CHF 220

Rates in Swiss Francs (CHF) / included in the As-Directed rates: 

  • VAT Hotel for driver

  • Insurance coverage for passengers

  • Minimum 8 hours/day 

  • 2 driver's meals per day 

  • One-time WEF Registration Fee

  • Night Surcharge 

  • Airport Arrival Fee

  • Parking and phone cost 

Executive Protection

In partnership with professional security companies specialised in executive protection services we arrange a full travel package to attend the WEF including accommodation, transport and security.

EPIKdrives has been arranging transportation to Davos with SUV’s, luxury sedans and minivans with all wheel drive and proper winter tires for many years. We know the challenges and have expert knowledge to make your trip to Davos comfortable and productive.

Contact our experts and request more details today:

info@epikdrives.com | +41 78 893 03 51

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