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Discover exclusive multi-day supercar getaways across Europe, as you take on the most breathtaking scenic routes. Enjoy tailor-made driving tours, where you travel at your own pace independently following a pre-set sat nav (without the constraints of group travel).



The pre-set GPS provide effortless travel by guiding you seamlessly through stunning routes. Explore awe-inspiring attractions at each location while indulging in a diverse range of high-performance supercars.


Select your favorite supercar brand, from Porsche to Ferrari and Lamborghini. Embark on thrilling journeys, racing down Germany's autobahns, conquering the Alps or cruising through Provence in France. Benefit from over a decade of road trip expertise for an unforgettable adventure.

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Richard, USA

Words can’t really do this justice but I’ll start by saying Stephan offers one of the greatest driving experiences with genuine value for anyone who loves and appreciates cars. Is it expensive? You bet. Worth it? Undoubtedly. We opted to do the Switzerland passes as well as a visit to Lake Como. Not sure what our expectations were going into it other than cool car, nice nature but wow did it blow everything out of the water. The passes in Switzerland were more than we could have expected (in the best way) with hairpin turns, mountain cliffs, windy roads and punch you in the gut natural beauty. The hotels were all top notch and the food great. The itinerary gave us options to do an extended exploration of each area or a short, more direct approach depending on your vibe that day. The whole experience was so surreal and seemed too good to be true (it was not — it was really that great). Without question this was one of the coolest, most enjoyable things I have ever done and is a MUST DO for anyone who loves driving. In addition to the car (Arctic Grey 911 GTS Cab) We were really impressed with Stephan from the jump. He has great energy and is incredibly detail oriented. He was very thorough in planning an itinerary that was printed out for us in a notebook with a carbon fiber looking cover (attention to detail like that wins bonus points in my book). He was very communicative and available to answer any and all questions (even calling me back within seconds after pocket dialing him the day after we returned home). He was great about addressing the mundane (hey we left our charger at the hotel what options are available) to the big picture (making recommendations on which path to take at what time). In addition to Stephan’s tips, the supplied GPS in the vehicle that he pre programmed was great in navigating everywhere we needed to go — low stress and very accurate, even beeping to let you know when you were exceeding the speed limit and providing a friendly reminder to check yourself. It was so hard to leave and I’m still suffering from APW (Acute Porsche Withdrawal) but am nursing back to health with a little perusing of the Cars & Curves 70 Years of Porsche book (not included in the tour) which has photos of various Porsche models in the same passes we drove. At this point I’m gushing, but I cannot recommend this tour strongly enough and am supremely confident we will return to do another tour within the next few years. Do not hesitate to book this. ASAP.


Relax and rejuvenate at the finest hotels to recharge and indulge in unparalleled comfort that captures the unique essence of each location after each day of driving.

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Twice the fun on your journey! Book a 2nd car and swap cars throughout your adventure.

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