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Best 5 star hotel at Lake Como (especially by car)

Updated: May 9, 2019

To reach Lake Como by car, takes about an hour from Milan. But be warned the roads around the lake can get very narrow and are not necessarily in the best condition.

Tremezzo - the town on the northern shores of the lake gets the most sunlight during the day and also has the best roads in the area connecting Lake Como with the Swiss Alps. But thats only part of the reason why we made the Grandhotel Tremezzo our preferred 5 star hotel at Lake Como and use it for our luxury Swiss Alps & Lake Como Driving Tour.

The Grandhotel delivers without a doubt the most welcoming stay travellers ever had in Italy. The valet guy who would do anything to find a spot in his garage for your Italian supercar (if you ask nicely maybe even for non-Italian brands). Cars at the Grandhotel even enjoy the same lake view as guests booked into a Lake View Room. Of course the Garden View rooms are very elegant and nicely decorated. But they should be called Park View Rooms, garden is an utterly understatement.

We had the pleasure to stay at the hotel several times during group driving tours to Lake Como and once when we knew our clients are doing a boat excursion we took our chance to jump into the stylish pool floating on the lake. Another thing that can’t be missed is the fantastic Cappuccino on their terrace. Honestly, it's almost only foam – and we love it.

Only a few meters from Grandhotel a car ferry takes you to the lake side town of Bellagio – named after the Casino in Las Vegas.... of course not, the town was there long before Las Vegas was even built. There is also a story about the Casino paying the town of Bellagio a good amount of money on a monthly base to keep the permission to use the name Bellagio as a brand. Ask around when you’re there, we got different reactions asking for that story.

Don't miss out on visiting Villa del Balbianello when you're in the region. The place is located on a peninsula, but the Concierge will be happily arrange your own little Riva boat taking you there. The former Franciscan monastery was last used as a private residence and is today a museum. When the eccentric millionaire who lived here died in 1988 the villa was handed over to the Italian National Trust and today is a must see in the region. You might recognise the terrace at the villa appearance in the James Bond movie Casino Royale or Star Wars Episode II.


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