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How to sell a LaFerrari Aperta. NOT.

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Owning a Ferrari always has been a privilege and requires a decent amount of passion to cope with the sacrifices owning a car like this brings – such as expensive insurance bills, extreme fuel consumption and in some cases even at the cost of marriage.

It also requires a substantial amount of cash on the side and most of us will never experience the enjoyment of Ferrari ownership. We at EPIKdrives however are dedicated to get people on the road in the sport- or supercar of their choice and be it only for a day. And surprise, surprise…. often the choice made is a Ferrari.

Some clients privately own a supercar – more often then you would think – even their very own collection of supercars. We have seen many bringing them in on the back of a truck to our start destinations while arriving comfortably on their private jets. Whoever is travelling with us, most of our clients comply with the main premise of supercar ownership: passion for cars! And during the course of the ongoing conversations and shop-talk with our clients we often hear on term: LaFerrari - “the” Ferrari

Only a few cars become legends before the day they leave their manufacturing hall. The LaFerrari is such a car – the fascination for the brand has found its peak in this 70th anniversary limited edition model. The fine motorcar company from Maranello, Italy is giving car enthusiast something to dream of.

With originally only 499 units built and finally one more auctioned for a good cause – to benefit the reconstruction of Central Italy in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes of August’17. Except it wasn’t the last car. The last LaFerrari, a Aperta – which stands for not more or less than the topless version of the car – was sold for the record sum of ten Million US Dollars on a charity event for Save the Children. This Aperta was number 210 of originally planned 209 units. The last unit, this time for sure. Maybe.

However, the hyper car is rare and if treated nicely might exceed its list price of couple of Million Euro in only a few month (or seconds). All you have to do is convincing yourself to sell it. With a top speed of 349 km/h and reaching the 100km/h in only 2.4 seconds for most wealthy LaFerrari owners not an easy choice to be made.

The moment we saw a chance of getting our hands on a LaFerrari.

One evening – I’ve been invited to a friend dinner party, but couldn’t help myself checking my phone and a customer who became also a friend offered his LaFerrari Aperta for sale on his Facebook feed. At the same time I read this at least five names of EPIKdrives clients crossed my mind and I knew I had to act quick. If I don’t get it out there now – someone else will buy the rare car and my clients will be left out in the cold.

Our company WhatsApp chats came in handy and with just one message I already created BIG interest. The rest of the evening I spend asking questions to the seller of the LaFerrari and passing on answers to potential buyers. Almost as a side note he mentioned that he sells a building slot – not the actual car ready to drive. The car wasn’t even built! He was one of the few lucky ones that were invited by Ferrari to buy their flagship and made a down payment to secure his La Ferrari and at the end decided to sell it.

Around two in the morning finally the moment were both, the seller (in Europe) and potential buyer in Asia agreed to exchange contacts and as a result the LaFerrari Aperta was sold the next day with a price tag of 5.7 Million Euro. It was agreed to get delivery in September.

But typical Ferrari it might be in 2017, maybe 2018.

What we have learned.

Since then we keep our eyes open for more of such chances. The excitement of the opportunity to get our hands on a LaFerrari completely let us forget that there are people who do this for living. But anyway it was for a good cause, we had two happy customers (and a probably not so happy spouse at one end) and a nice memory.

The La Ferrari was shipped to Asia and we will probably never get our hands on it – buon viaggio. But with a bit of luck we will see a La Ferrari one day on one of your luxury driving tours.



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