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From [Paris] France to [Zurich] Switzerland by train and to the Alps๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ญ

Updated: Jan 6

In the heart of Europe lies a captivating journey that seamlessly combines the charm of Paris with the awe-inspiring beauty of the Swiss Alps. Paris, with its rich history, exquisite architecture, and delectable cuisine, serves as the perfect prelude to the main actโ€”the breathtaking Swiss Alps.

This article explores an exhilarating travel experience from Paris to Zurich, unveiling the unparalleled beauty of the Alps through a unique blend of train travel and a supercar road trip.

Train Journey from Paris to Zurich:

To commence this unforgettable adventure, we recommend avoiding flights and a very monotonous highway routes. Instead, opt for the French TGV high-speed train "Lyria" departing from Paris's centrally located Gare de Lyon station. In just over 4 hours, the train transports you directly to Zurich, surpassing the convenience of air travel while offering comfort and scenic views along the way.

Discovering the Swiss Alps in Style:

Upon arriving in Zurich, fasten your seat belt for a thrilling road trip through the Swiss Alps. Nothing compares to the freedom and first-hand experience offered by a supercar, and Zurich is the perfect starting point for an extraordinary driving tour.

The Best of the Swiss Alps:

Embark on the "Ultimate Swiss Alps Driving Tour" from Zurich, where a curated selection of luxury cars awaits. Whether it's a leisurely cruise in a Porsche 911 Cabriolet or a powerful journey in an Mercedes SL63 AMG or even a Ferrari, your dreams of a high-performance adventure come to life.

Mercedes roadster driving on Klausen Pass in the Swiss Alps

Scenic Highlights along the Alpine Passes:

The driving tour encompasses iconic alpine passes, including the famous Furka Pass, featured in the 1964 Bond movie "Goldfinger." With its hairpin turns and breathtaking elevation, the Furka Pass offers a true James Bond-worthy experience. The tour also takes you through the Grimsel Pass and the wider, picturesque Susten Pass, each revealing a unique facet of the Swiss Alps' grandeur.

The Itinerary:

Embark on the ultimate Summer Swiss Alps Vacation, a 3-day driving adventure through the stunning landscapes of Switzerland. Begin in Zurich, Switzerland with a private transfer to your chosen hotel, where your supercar, programmed GPS, and road-book await.

Day 2 takes you on the picturesque Swiss Lake Route, featuring Lake Lucerne and the breathtaking Susten Pass, leading to a luxurious stay in a Swiss Alps Mountain Resort.

Day 3 explores the 3 Swiss Pass Route, highlighting Grimsel Pass and the legendary Furka Pass, known from James Bond's "Goldfinger." Discover the Rhone Glacier's ice chamber before concluding the journey through Klausen Pass. Return to Zurich for a final night of luxury. Depart on

Day 4 with a private transfer to the airport or station, concluding an unforgettable Swiss Alps experience.

The Best of Swiss Alps Driving Tour includes hotels, pit stops at glacier lakes, viewpoints, and restaurants, ensuring the best Swiss hospitality.



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