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The Best about European Car Delivery Programs - Buy a Car, Make a European Road Trip

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

A glass of Champagne and a fancy key holder is not enough to celebrate the arrival of a new family member. Why should it be for your new ride?

Instead consider asking your local car dealership for their European Delivery program. Mercedes, Porsche, BMW & Co. might even sweeten the deal with a discount as a direct result of the excluded manufacturer-to-dealer incentives of this program. But as the absolute minimum you will receive a fascinating factory tour with a VIP lunch and a night at a nice five star hotel. But the best about it:

European car delivery means: travelling in Europe!

Don’t worry about annoying European and US wharf charges, ocean shipping and marine insurance, customs duty and clearance. All that will be taken care of by your car manufacturer. Germany’s high-end car brands: BMW, Audi and Mercedes offer such European delivery programs for a long time and created a unique win-win proposition with enough savings to fund a nice holiday in Europe.

Other brands like Porsche, Ferrari and Bentley offer similar programs, even discounts are not their thing. Whatever car it is you consider to buy with a European delivery, you are already signed up to a very special experience and a holiday in your dream car, rather then an expensive rental car.

What European driving route get's you excited?

The good thing about this programs is that car returns to ship your car to your home destination are usually flexible and must not necessarily be made at the original pick up location, like the BMW World in Munich or the Zuffenhausen car museum for Porsche. No, you can choose from a variety of destinations across Europe and even make your trip a Pan-European driving experience. Imagine travelling all the way from your pick up point in Germany through the Alps, via Lake Como and even along the Mediterranean coastlines.

Choosing and planning your driving trip.

A collision and third-party insurance for 14 days is always included and can be extended for a little premium to up to 90 days, which is enough time to explore the old continent. Touring in your brand-new privately owned car over the best scenic roads in Europe before, dropping it off and see it back at your home is by no means a boring schedule. Of course planning the road-trip in Europe might be the hardest part (after all the decision how to spec your car).

But there is help available. At EPIKdrives we create customised itineraries including the best driving roads in Europe, some of the most iconic attractions along the route and includes the best hotels.

The most popular tour is the GRAND Alpine Countries Driving Tour, starting from Munich or Stuttgart in Germany.

Check out the details for a European car delivery.

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