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Driving Tours as a Gift Voucher

Updated: May 9, 2019

The best gift are those coming from heart. Being thoughtful is always important and more and more people arrange experiences for their loved ones, family members or colleagues. Unforgettable memories make us happy – not things.

So now that we can be sure the perfumes and ties are out, what could it be that excites someone. Thanks to the title and picture you probably smell what we’re trying to sell. But don’t stop reading – Supercar Experiences are the new thing. Only follow these instructions:

Bad Idea.

For many driving a supercar like an Aston Martin, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini or anything along these lines is often a once in a lifetime thing. Don’t ruin it for them!

30min in a Ferrari on a parking lot side by side with a driving instructor, looking at all your moves makes no one happy. At least we doubt it.

Better Idea.

Good you found us. To fully enjoy the ride and tick that wish of your bucket list you must enjoy the car of your dreams on the right scenic roads. This is what we organize almost on a daily base. All our multi day driving tours can be turned into a wonderful presents.

And there is something in for you as well. Instead of that boring driving instructor taking the passenger seat you can join the recipient on his supercar driving experience and have fun together.

Best Gift Idea.

Let them choose themselves. You know someone for years and might think to know what this person wants. But you might be wrong. Our experience tells us with a look at our website people often change their minds.

But whatever might be decided at the end, we’re flexible.

Gift Vouchers

Buy the tour that you think is right and we sort it out later. All voucher remain valid for two years and can be redeemed either against an individual package / experience of your choice (with price locked in), or against any other package / car combination currently on our website up to the face value of the voucher.

Whatever it is you have decided – Supercar Experiences make a wonderful gift for Christmas, or any kind of Anniversaries. But like any other idea it has to be thought trough. We will be very happy to assist you choosing the right driving tour with the right car on the most scenic driving roads in Europe. Together we’re creating a lasting memory.

Contact us today +41 78 893 03 51 -or- info@epikdrives.com

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