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The Klausen is the first alpine pass to reach coming from Zurich in the north and somehow the high alpine gate into the Alps.


With an altitude of "only" 1948m above sea level the Klausen Pass is not among the highest alpine pass, but don't be deluded the Klausen can be challenging and remains closed for snow from November till late in May for a reason. 


Coming from the north the road features a forest section, runs partly through alpine meadows, followed by more than 100 curves and serpentines. The first section of the pass road is laid out in historic cobblestone pavement, that gives travellers an idea how difficult it was to do the passage in the past. 

It is a bit of a thrill driving the Klausen Pass - the road gets narrow in some areas and you need to stop occasionally for oncoming traffic. If driving in the Alps for the first time and not familiar with the alpine conditions or simply if you are a nervous driver we recommend to not come here. Instead take the lake route along the shores of Lake Lucerne into the central Alps and drive the rather wide and calm Susten Pass to start off your alpine driving adventure. 

In general you can say the Klausen Pass is rather quiet as a major alternative exists. But as for most other scenic roads in Europe you should avoid the Klausen Pass during bank holidays and on weekends.


Constantly updated status information on the Klausen Pass is available online.

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