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Not only since Audrey Hepburn; Hollywood has always portrait the French capital as the "city of love". The history, overall beauty of the city with its wonderful architecture, well-dressed people and the excellent food is reason enough. When thinking about a honeymoon in Europe — Paris is on top of all newlyweds destination list — but is Paris offbeat enough to be romantic?

At EPIKdrives we combine the most scenic routes, exquisite hotels and supercars across Europe with the best attractions, activities and restaurants along the way — visiting amazing countries such as France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy and let you drive the most iconic roads — a majority of our clients travel as couples. Because not many things are more bounding than spending time next to each while travelling through the most scenic areas Europe has to offer. 

On this page we would like to introduce a few destinations and tours that have the flair to make the perfect offbeat honeymoon holiday with the benchmark of a "once in a lifetime" experience. 

With all our packages you will enjoy a private transfer to your hotel and later be met there by our tour experts for a personal tour briefing and handover of the car of your choice. We will hand you also a carefully programmed GPS unit and a printed road-book version of you itinerary. The next morning all you have to do is press the "GO" button and enjoy the effortless navigation along the most scenic routes like a local with occasional stops at the most interesting attractions — entirely travelling at your own pace.


Did you know that you can travel comfortably from Paris to Zurich without the stress of an airport in only 4 hours. The French high speed train takes you right into the heart the secret capital of the alpine country blessed with some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet.


From here you can take a wonderful journey over the fantastic Swiss alpine roads into Italy to spend a day or two at the shores of Lake Como with a calm and relaxed atmosphere and the breeze of luxury you can expect from a honeymoon. But be careful gentlemen, not to run into George Clooney, who own a villa at the lake. 


Italy is always a great idea and travelling to Florence probably No. 2 on every newlyweds destination list (right after Paris). As much beauty and history Florence has to offer the true romance lays in the area surrounding the city.


Tuscany with its rollin hills, beautiful hilltop towns and windy roads is the perfect region for two lovers to enjoy a good time in a convertible taking an easy and relaxed journey. The beautiful hotel setting with pools lines by Cypress trees that we include and maybe a partner massage in the evening will make you fall in love a second time. This time with Tuscany.


Surprised? We are very serious — Scotland has a lot to offer for couples.


Imagine staying at a luxurious property in the Scottish Highlands and enjoying a whiskey together on the terrace after an exciting day of driving through pristine landscapes and visiting romantic castles. The tranquility and solitude of Scotlands North paired with food thats a lot better than its reputation moves Scotland onto this list. The sometimes rainy weather is part of the charm and provides even more reason to hold on to your partner and cuddle at night.


We offer many alpine driving tours and if you decide for the Austrian Tyrol, Bavaria in Germany or the Swiss Alps — every country has to offer fantastic sights. Romantic castles like Neuschwanstein, gently winding alpine passes and romantic hotels with incredible spa's form a luxury honeymoon in the Alps.


The only way to make your experience even more exciting and unique is to combine all of those regions into on large driving tour.



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