Whether you travel as an individual, as a couple or a small group we design mindful driving tours tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're seeking to organise an escape for VIP clients, an innovative and exclusive incentive event or simply looking for a driving adventure for yourself and a few friends. You have come to the right place!

At EPIKdrives we combine the most scenic roads and luxurious hotels across Europe with the best attractions, activities and restaurants along the way. Experience the amazing scenery of countries such as Germany, Switzerland, France, Croatia, Romania, Austria and Italy. And all that from the perspective of the latest supercars.

Every single one of our bespoke driving events has its own character and is individually designed around your specific requirements. Travel for a few hours or as long as two weeks and test a bunch of supercars while exploring the most scenic routes in the Alps & beyond.

Ferrari, Aston Martin and McLaren supercars parked next to golf course



You can Bring Your Own Vehicles — or choose from a wide range of luxury Supercars available for car hire. Including icons of the automotive world: like Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini. 



If you prefer adrenaline pumped rides over the German Autobahn, the incredible scenery of the Alps, chilled coastline drives in your convertible or all of that combined into one tour — we know how to line everything up in style.



Always following Rule No.1 in the design of auto tours: Curves, acceleration, driving and breaking while still being able to enjoy the surrounding landscapes are making the five criteria for a good driving experience. To balance all of this points is the formula to amaze our clients and keep them safe at the same time.





  • Zurich / Geneva — Swiss Alps & Alpine Passes Mix of Supercars — from € 5000 per participant

  • Nice / Cannes — South of France, Provence and Monaco Mix of Supercars — from € 5000 per participant

  • Munich —  Bavarian & Austrian Alps incl. Grossglockner Pass — Porsche 911's — from € 2500 per participant

  • Stuttgart — Black Forest & German Car Museums — Porsche 911's — from 2500 EUR per participant

  • Milan  Dolomites, Slovenia, Croatia with Adriatic Coast — Mix of Supercars — from € 7000 per participant

  • Florence — Tuscany and Umbria Mix of Supercars — from € 5000 per participant

  • Barcelona  Catalan Pyrenees and Costa Brava Mix of Supercars — from € 5000 per participant

  • Edinburgh — Scottish Highlands / NC500 Route Jaguar F-Type's — from € 3000 per participant





  • Bespoke driving tour itineraries — design for individuals or groups

  • The latest luxury cars or supercars of your choice
  • Optional tour guide in separate guide car — accompanying the tour for discreet on hand assistance

  • Exquisite accommodation at highly rated hotels in the 4-5 star range   

  • programmed GPS device for effortless navigation — including view-points, restaurants, attractions and the best routes

  • Day-by-Day Road-Book — to be taken home as a souvenir

  • Walkie Talkies — to stay in touch between the cars

  • Airport and luggage transfers — also between hotels, since trunk space is often very limited in supercars

  • Luxury excursions — such as helicopter rides, yacht rental and other experiences

  • Restaurant bookings along your journey

  • Professional transport / delivery / secure car storage services for owner/drivers

  • Recording services including professional photographers and/or a video film crew



We customise every aspect of your European driving experience. Avoid endless research that might be ending in an uneventful routing. Skip low quality back roads that can eventually damage your car. Even hire an experienced tour-guide in a separate guide car leading you on your driving tour and assist you with all the small things occurring en route. For example handling your luggage, parking arrangements and so much more.

We do ask the right questions to be able to deliver the exclusive driving experience you've been looking for. Think about those points to get the best planning results for your bespoke driving tour: 

  • Do you want to make your own car arrangements or book from our options?

  • What types and brands do you have in mind?

  • Do you need to pick up the cars at any specific destination?

  • What is you preferred incoming airport for this tour?

  • What is your preferred travel date?

  • How many nights and driving days would you like to include?

  • Are there any specific locations or roads you want to have included in the drive?

  • Can we assume two people sharing a car or do you want one car for each traveller?

  • What type of rooms are required? 

  • What type of accommodation do you require, do you prefer four or five star hotels?

  • Do you want a tour guide in a separate guide car to provide on hand assistance throughout your journey?


Trust your professional tour agency with your driving tour planning and get in touch with a supercar tour travel advisor today.

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