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  • The Stelvio Pass is in our ranking "only" No. 15 of the most scenic driving roads in Europe. The judgements for every road, mountain pass and holiday route are based on our personal driving experience.

  • Ideally plan for a maximum of 250-300 kilometres (155–185 miles) per day to get between four and five hours behind the wheel with enough time to stop for all the attractions and view-points along the route. Consider the distance over a sweeping mountain pass feels very different from driving a straight highway with cruise control in place.


  • Spoiler! During winter in Europe some of the roads we listed here might be closed. The best weather conditions for driving in Europe can typically be found from May to October. While some high alpine passes open only mid of June till mid of October, only the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria opens usually already in May.


TOP 1️⃣8️⃣Driving Roads, Scenic Holiday Routes and Mountain Passes in Europe for the best roads trips.

Explore the best of all the greatest driving roads in Europe with descriptions, maps and opinions — including our verdict on the hyped Stelvio Pass.

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