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Stephan who founded EPIKdrives in 2017 brings not only years of experience from the luxury hotel industry and car rental side. He has organised many luxury driving tours on behalf of other successful driving tour agency’s before 2017. The companies name EPIKdrives with a "k" is a brainchild born on one of the first supercar squads he has been leading through Europe.

Because personalised customer service is an essential part of EPIKdrives work - every customer is met in person for the car handover and tour briefing - Zurich, Switzerland is the perfect base. Most destinations in Europe are only an hour flight away. And with the Alps and the Black Forest in the backyard, EPIKdrives has found its perfect spot in Central Europe.

A network of reliable sport- and supercar rental partner’s guarantees the right car for everybody to make driving dreams come true. Packaged up with highly rated hotels and the perfect scenic route — European driving tours are certainly the new travel trend for those who are tired of cruise ships and golfing.

Clients travel independently at their own pace — enjoy effortless navigation following a carefully selected scenic route —or travel in private groups with a guide in a separate guide car.

The typical EPIKdrives client is not necessarily a driving or car enthusiast, but certainly likes a little breeze of luxury. Clients usually travel for four up to six days — usually looking to add the little extra experience to their holiday and add in a driving itinerary to discover those hidden gems on scenic driving routes in Europe.

The philosophy and credo behind EPIKdrives can be described as — the journey makes the destination.


Originally from Germany, Stephan came to Switzerland in 2002 and finally became a Swiss citizen in 2019 - after a few years working at 5 star hotels in Zurich, Stephan has been looking for a new challenge and was hired by a luxury car rental company. During an exciting six years managing a car fleet made up of brands like Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini, he heard one question over and over again — where do you recommend driving those supercars? 

He didn't have the perfect answer until he once took a client and his friends one a supercar day trip on the German Autobahn between Zurich and Stuttgart. In 2013 Stephan was hired by a supercar tour company — and finally after four years and countless driving tours later at the age of 35 it was time for Stephan to do what he loves on his own expense.

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